Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bird Watching Trips - India A Bird Watchers Paradise!

Of the 8650 species of birds (migratory and originating species) in the world, India is home to as many as 1200 (roughly 14%), out of which 141 are endemic to this region.

While the number of birds is huge and enough to satisfy any bird watcher, it is the amount of rare birds to see that makes India such an exciting destination for a bird watching trip India.

India is also a country that takes eco tourism in India seriously and provides a number of protected wildlife sanctuaries, that are secluded and perfect for bird watching.

India is such a diverse country in terms of its geography which ranges from the mighty Himalayas bordering Tibet in the north, to lush plains, desert and jungle surrounded by thousands of miles of beaches.

Bird watching trips in India give an opportunity to see birds, but you can combine a bird watching trip with a safari, or holiday package and see elephants, tigers, lions and rhinos, or take in some of the thousands of years of cultural history.

India is perfect for bird watching trips, but for the adventurous traveler offers much more, in terms of the variety of wildlife and stunning scenery.

North India offers a wide variety of bird watching trips including the Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Bharatpur) a world heritage spot and considered one of the finest bird sanctuaries in the world.

There are over 350 species of birds found and the habitat varies from shallow lakes to flooded forests and barren earth.

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