Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What We Provide

Had enough packaged tours and their boring schedules? Ready for something literally off the beaten path? Well you’re on the right track. BE SUN TRAVELS is the premier adventure travel company in India. With us you not only get to experience the sights and sounds of the real India, but also be part of adventure tours that are sure to get your pulse racing.

At Be sun travel we are providing the latest or best adventure destination or packages according to your needs in India. Some of latest adventure packages in India are:---

White water Rafting in Ganges the holiest and greatest river of India.
Trekking in India's Himalayan and ladakh region.
Camping in the beautiful vistas of the Himalayas.
Take a Jungle Safari throughout the national parks and sanctuaries in India
Take a Biking Trip of golden fields of the Ganges plains to the rain drenched paddy fields.

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